Contemporary Life Coaching

Getting Started with Coaching
Why Life Coaching?
What is Life Coaching?
Therapist as Life Coach
Getting Started with Coaching
Payment and Guidelines
Who is Lynn Brown, Ed.D.?

Initial Consultation

I suggest we schedule a 15-minute initial phone consultation so you are able to meet me and we can discuss your desires. This session is free.

First Session

Our first session will be one-hour. During this time I'll get more information about you and we'll determine the plan of action for our work together.  The fee for this phone session is $100 and is paid before we speak.

Session Length

Weekly Life Coaching sessions are 30-minutes once we have established goals.  This time frame is usually adequate to discuss any issues that have arisen during the week and to plan for the next week.  You are always welcome to schedule and pay for additional 30-minute sessions at your discretion. 

Why the Telephone?

As a Life Coach, I work with clients on the telephone. This approach allows you (and me) to be anywhere in the world when we talk.  Generally, you will call me at our specified session time.  Since we have an on-going relationship with regularly scheduled sessions, it is best and easiest to use the telephone.  Also, using the telephone eliminates any distance barriers, enhances privacy, and minimizes distractions.  

  If you use your cell phone and have Verizon as your carrier, you will not be using any minutes from your plan when we speak since I use Verizon.  

Scheduling Sessions

Since coaching sessions are paid in four-week blocks, it's usually more efficient to plan all four at once* - for example: each Tuesday at 9:30am or each Wednesday at 10pm, or each Thursday at noon, etc.  If your schedule is erratic, I am open to changing the session day and time each week.  However, there is a possibility that we'll need to talk at a time less convenient for you if my schedule is tight.  

I am comfortable speaking later in the day if necessary - even as late as 11pm.  I do not work with clients during the weekend - but, have been known to make exceptions in some cases.


We'll be utilizing email so I am able to send you documents, etc. that will be used in our work together.  Also, I provide email support as part of the program.


Texting is utilized as a way to provide occasional, quick, on-the-go support.

* Months where your session day/time occurs five times rather than four, you are welcome to pay for an additional session so there is no time lag.                    517.449.3800