Contemporary Life Coaching

Why Life Coaching?

Why Life Coaching?
What is Life Coaching?
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Who is Lynn Brown, Ed.D.?

Historically, we lived in lifelong communities where usually we were surrounded by 150 or so people with whom we grew up, came to trust, and could rely upon to listen to us and be confidantes.  The elders of our small community were available to be mentors and guide us through the various situations we'd encounter throughout our lives.

We have lost this.  We no longer easily have listeners and confidantes. Living in a fast-paced, impersonal, and constantly evolving society, we often find ourselves alone as we work our way through the maze we call our lives.

The Life Coach serves as the individual who is available to listen, be the confidante, to keep you focused and connected to your desired outcomes, and to help you live "on purpose."

Life coaching focuses on your strengths and aims to help you achieve what you want more of in life and at work.  It helps you identify and achieve greater goals and helps you life a better life.                    517.449.3800