Contemporary Life Coaching

What is Life Coaching?

Why Life Coaching?
What is Life Coaching?
Therapist as Life Coach
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Who is Lynn Brown, Ed.D.?

The goal of life coaching is to achieve personal transformation in one or more areas of life.

Life coaching is a series of conversations with the goal of evoking the best of my clients and helping them realize what they want to change, improve, or add to their personal or professional life.

Life Coaching embraces the paradigm of possibility.  It is a process that involves looking toward, and working toward, a desired future. 

It is an outcome and action oriented modality that is based upon a philosophy of partnership; that the coach is a co-creator with the client in the process.

The client is seeking improved outcomes and achievements and takes personal action and responsibility for life choices.  

It is the client who seeks to create a future while utilizing a unique, professional relationship with the coach that explores how to get to the desired outcome. 

The coaching process is always about possibilities!

As a coach, I focus on the future; creating new opportunities.  And I see myself as a partner who supports your growth and efforts to create an even better life than you currently have.

Life coaching is life design and fulfillment.

Here are some of the topics addressed in life coaching - the list is open because each person has a variation on these due to the fact that no two people are the same:

personal growth
time management
work-life balance
stress management
overcoming fears
life transition

How long do I work with a life coach?

Depending upon how much guidance and support you want for your goals, I usually work with clients either three - six months (short-term) or one - two years (long-term).  However, the client is always in control of this process and so chooses when s/he is finished.                    517.449.3800